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Our Mission

Bulletproof Israel is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating a well-informed and empowered global community to support Israel in times of crisis. Amid a sea of misinformation and malicious intent, we strive to be a beacon of truth and a conduit of verified support directly to IDF special units, mental health support for survivors and the families of victims, reconstruction efforts for the towns affected, and other verified organizations. By centralizing accurate information, facilitating transparent aid, and fostering collaborative relationships with established entities including government officials and reputable news organizations, we aim to bolster Israel’s resilience while promoting transparency, education, and actionable solidarity. Through our efforts, we envision a safer, stronger Israel with a well-equipped IDF and an informed global support network united in purpose and action.

The Essence of Bulletproof Israel is its two-pronged approach:

Real-time Aid: With planes ferrying supplies to Israel daily, the initiative is translating generous donations into tangible support, ensuring that aid reaches the right hands.

Authentic Information: In an era rampant with misinformation, Bulletproof Israel stands as a beacon of verified information, debunking myths and highlighting real stories from individuals affected by the recent attacks.

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